Josh Graves


When the late Josh Graves joined Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs’ Foggy Mountain Boys in the early 1950′s, it changed bluegrass music forever. Josh’s DobroTM gave the music the polish it needed to compete with the newly electrified country music of the day, and Josh’s virtuosity complimented that of Earl Scruggs, as they played off of each other with aplomb. Without a doubt it was an exciting time for the music, and also a time that can be referred to historically as the early pinnacle of bluegrass music.

On Memories of Foggy Mountain, Josh is joined by some the finest veterans of traditional bluegrass. JD Crowe, the banjo player that has led his own popular group over the years and has preserved the solid straight-ahead banjo style that Earl Scruggs created, and Bobby Hicks, a longtime member of Ricky Skaggs’ band and a veteran of Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys, provide the tonal perfection that makes great music. And with session giant Aubrey Haney leading other outstanding players, Memories of Foggy Mountain is a high fidelity reminiscence of the glory years of perhaps the most popular bluegrass group of all time, The Foggy Mountain Boys.

Many of the tunes were written by Josh Graves, others by Earl Scruggs, but in all is present the intensity that drove the historical Foggy Mountain Boys to stardom.

Josh Graves died September 30, 2006 and is buried in Nashville, TN.