1,000,000 Plays on Spotify – WOW

So we recently were working with a group that got 1,000,000 streams on Spotify in 2014. That’s really amazing, and not an easy thing to do – anytime you do a million of anything, it’s a lot.

They couldn’t believe it, but then again they couldn’t laugh all the way to the bank though since they had to divide the $4,995 among the band members, and of course this was before all of the expenses of recording.  It’s a scary proposition these days for making money on the streaming internet. The exposure is great, and it democratizes the process, but it’s gonna be hard to buy that beach house with money made from streaming media.  Oh well….If they can get those people to come see them on tour and charge $10 per person head, they’ll be doing just fine.

Total revenue: $4,955 Average per-stream payout: $0.004891

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