Crowdfunding is the trend for financing independent music projects, and it makes total sense by connecting artists more directly with their fans. It is athe pooling of funds from a large number of participants (your fans) to raise funds for a project, usually through an Internet platform.

The old model was that a record company would fund a project, a CD or a vinyl record, and the product would be distributed by distribution companies to the retailers that would sell the product to the end consumer. That model has faded for independent music as online distribution has become the preferred method for listening to music and as artists have become responsible for funding their own projects.  

The plusses and the minuses of the new business model can be debated for eternity. Don’t waste your time. As an independent artist, you now have to create your own market of listeners and buyers, and you have to facilitate the financing of your project. It’s not easy, and it seems like it would be more fun if some record label could “discover” you and put egads of money into the development of your career. That is not likely to happen. The upside of the new model is that layers of “middlemen” are removed from your music. No more labels with their huge earn backs, and no more distributors taking a cut for the distribution of your physical product.

Crowdfunding’s roots are in supporting independent music, and it is a logical development. Some of the oldest and best known crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and PledgeMusic began as a way for fans to engage with the artists they love. It’s become a big business, and we will help you establish and launch a campaign to fund your project and give your fans a stake in your success. We will provide valuable resources that will help you run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Advance preparation is the key to a successful campaign. It is nerve-wracking to ask your fans and friends to help you with your project, but you’ll be surprised how many people want to be a part of what you do – you just have to plant the seeds for success.

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