Demo Production

Songwriters often use “demos” (short for “demonstration“) to exhibit their songs to recording artists. Early in his career, Garth Brooks discovered and decided to record his hit song “Friends in Low Places” this way. The writers of the song approached him and gave him a demo tape. They were lucky enough to give it to Garth before he became a star, and no doubt, they made a lot of money off of that song.

Demos are a song or group of songs recorded for limited circulation or reference use rather than for general public release. A demo is a way for a musician to approximate their ideas in a fixed format, and to thereby pass along those ideas to record labels, or to other artists. We can make a Demo that sounds like a record.

In fact some of the Nashville demos publishers use to sell their catalogue will blow you away. They use session musicians and first rate singers. A songwriter can choose to sing the song themselves, or they can have someone else sing the song. We can listen to your creation and help you decide which way to go.

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