Mastering is the final audio process and involves technical knowledge. It is a field all it’s own and there are companies that only do mastering. 

It’s an important part of the chain. We have total respect for Mastering Engineers, especially the good ones. Mastering is the process that takes place after the recording and mixing of the product. Generally, mastering is done on the final 2 track recording, or “five point one” for surround sound mixes. The mastering process adjusts the equalization, and provides compression on the master mix, limiting and noise reduction.

For a full album release we will recommend a Mastering firm. Yes, we have the equipment, and we do offer in house mastering, but generally only for lower budget releases and demo recordings.  If you are looking for wide distribution of your project, let us tell you why it is important to have your final mix mastered by a mastered engineer. It’s not generally expensive, and it makes the final product consistent and ready for play on various platforms.

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