Online Recording

The key recording principle in today’s environment is that the music world is much flatter than it was twenty years ago. A recording artist in San Jose can easily obtain the services of a professional session musician in Raleigh, NC or Nashville, TN. This lets a creative person take advantage of their musical imagination without limits.

In the 1990’s and even into the next decade, almost without exception, all tracking and overdubs (retakes) for recordings were done “on location,” with session artists and singers traveling to a recording studio for their contributions to a project. This made the process of creating a state of the art recordings more costly and logistically more time consuming.

OMS Records was one of the first independent record companies to realize, and take advantage of, the enormous potential of online recording by nationally known artists. With today’s incredible communication and file transfer technologies, it’s easy to collaborate create world class recordings without leaving your home town.

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