Recording Studio Partners

We have worked with many studios in North Carolina and Nashville over the years. We can help you select and negotiate with top notch studios in the location that is right for you.

North Carolina Music Partners

We are blessed in North Carolina to have some of the best acoustic musicians on the planet in our area. After all, many of the creators of bluegrass, folk, acoustic guitar, and blues came from right here in our state. It can’t hurt to procure talent from the North Carolina DNA pool that includes Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, Del McCoury, Elizabeth Cotton, Arthur Smith, Etta Baker, Charlie Poole, and so on. We will help you do that.

Recording Session Musicians

We have worked with every type of session artist imaginable, including many of the best known acoustic and bluegrass musicians in the world. We know what is appropriate and how much you will need to spend to obtain the professional help you are looking for. We will help you manage the process, and of course the budget.