Camp Adventure Studio

In our own editing studio in Raleigh, NC we have an acoustically ideal setting for overdubs (additional tracking), editing, and production. By removing the processing and editing process from a time-constrained studio environment, we are able to focus on the creative process in a relaxed environment. Artists like Vassar Clements, Kenny Baker, Benny Martin, and Josh Graves have all found the peace and quiet of the Camp Adventure Studios to be a great place for relaxed inspiration. It’s a creative environment on Camp Adventure Lake. 


  • Pro Tools 12.5
  • Studio One 3
  • Quality Mics preamps
  • Equipment by


Audio Technica

We don’t have everything and don’t need to have everything.  We have access to a plethora of additional equipment, depending on the need, sometimes for an additional fee. In other words, we didn’t buy that $10,000 microphone, but we can rent it if we need to, and we’ll probably advise you why it’s not necessary. We have participated in microphone tests and have what we believe is needed to create a big sound.




Recording Studio Partners

For larger sessions, and for tracking with drums and multiple electric instruments, we work with some of the area’s best recording studios to get the digital infrastructure needed for a properly recorded session. We are located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and are fortunate to have a studio-rich area from which to choose in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, but we also work with professional studios in Nashville and other areas. Our regional studios provide a quality tracking environment and state of the art equipment. We negotiate on your behalf and do not receive undisclosed benefits. 

What we are looking for is to have a studio that can provide the space and isolation we need for the musicians at hand, and a clean signal chain with accurate sound capture capabilities.  We are not editing, mixing, or processing in these studios. We are simply looking for a comfortable environment, professional equipment, and of course the competence to allow us to create the session infrastructure we need to produce the end product.

Generally we track into Pro-Tools or Studio One and then transfer the files to our studio for editing, overdubs and retakes, and for mixing to the final product. To the extent possible, we can minimize the cost and expense of larger studios by finalizing the project in the Camp Adventure studio where we can take the time to tweak each little detail and listen on a fresh day. Being able to stop and start, and rethink and retake, is a critical element that is so often under-appreciated. We know how to get your job done efficiently. You don’t want to rush anything, but let’s face it, in almost all cases there are budget constraints. If we do use outside studios we will make sure you and we are prepared for the initial tracking sessions, and then we will transfer to session to our studio for completion.