Video Production

Today it is almost imperative to have some video accompanying an audio release. We know how that process works and we recommend a video to accompany one song or more on a project.

You can spend any amount of money on video, so unless you are a trust fund baby, you have to decide how elaborate you want it to be.

The most basic video is an in-studio filming of the session with two or more cameras. When the music is mixed and completed it is then synced with the studio recording. This is almost essential in the day of YouTube. We are not a video company, but coordinating it is a part of what we do and we will work with you to have it done right and affordably.

oms25010-the-big-tiger-roars-again-part-1-benny-martin-backPOINT OF PRIDE: With our historical video on our Benny Martin “Big Tiger Roars Again, Part One” OMS Records was one of the first independent record labels to incorporate video onto an audio CD.

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